Media tour to the data centre

iTrend arranged an exciting media tour to the largest data centre in Russia.

iTrend arranged an exciting media tour to the largest data centre in Russia. Deemed a huge success, the tour was attended by more than 15 media representatives and IT&T bloggers, which was resulted in more than 20 publications in media.


  • Servionica is a service division of I-Teco system integrator that provides a full range of IT-outsourcing services.
  • iTrend was engaged to maintain company’s reputation and credibility in the technology space and to raise its profile.


After brainstorm sessions we came up with an idea of arranging a media tour to the TrustInfo data centre, the largest commercial data centre in Russia, managed by Servionica.

Our services included:

  • Event management. iTrend organised the media tour for journalists and bloggers, including logistics, participants’ list management, media accreditation.
  • Communications. We were in charge of the event’s media coverage. Promotional features, news and contributions appeared across top tier media outlets.
  • Photo report. We have prepared the photo report about the media tour, including shooting, photos editing, and publishing. Check out the brief photo story below.


TrustInfo is a very interesting place, in Soviet times this premise was a Russian IT Research Centre. By the way, it’s the longest building in Moscow, Russia (736 meters).

Research Center in Soviet times...

… and these days


TrustInfo occupies a separate building 

TrustInfo is one of the largest commercial data centres in Russia. Designed and built under the TIA-942 standard, it corresponds to the Tier III level of reliability.

One of the 10 computer rooms 

These are servers of TrustInfo clients, located in cells. Many server racks are reserved by the welded bars and combination locks to avoid the possibility of physical tampering.

Some racks are closed by the shields. This is done to decrease the cold air supplied to cool the servers. This method is used for additional cooling particularly loaded servers.

The outlet for supplying electricity to the equipment.

Air-ventilation room.

All chillers are placed outside of computer rooms to restrict access to the equipment and engineering systems. Shipping and selection of cold air is managed through special valves under the raised floor and false ceiling machine halls. The height of the raised floor and false ceiling is designed to provide the necessary air. It is a unique solution compared to other data centers in Russia.

All tracks are duplicated; air conditioners have a backup system.

Fire extinguishing installation consists of a module with a fire extinguishing agent (Freon-125). 18 cylinders and control equipment is housed in a dedicated room.

UPS room is part of the system power supply. The data centre is equipped with ACS (automatic changeover system). In the absence of power from two substations, the data centre will use a backup battery power supply. 

Copper Room is a special room fully sheathed with copper sheets. It provides protection for data that is stored on magnetic tape. Access to this room is strictly limited for safety reasons.

New computer room is ready to be connected with the new server racks.

New computer room is ready to be connected with the new server racks.

Room for duty engineers.

Local control centre. Dispatch room with monitoring systems. Everything is in real-time mode.

Duty engineers.

Big Data world…

Total numbers:
Useful area of data centre - 4500 sq. m
The number of rack locations for technical data equipment - 1000
Summing power - 8 MW
6 lines of communication channels: 2 * MMTS-9, 2 * MMTS-10, 2 * M1

More information you can find on TrustInfo web-site.