Web design

Logstream challenged iTrend to develop and launch a user-friendly website that will showcase Logstream’s expertise. We successfully launched precise and uncluttered logstream.ru which is highly appreciated by employees and clients.


  • Logstream is a high-tech company that provides automated processing of documents and business data in various industries. Logstream carries out complex projects based on handwriting and printed text recognition systems, telecom and cloud solutions from leading vendors, telecom operators and system integrators. It is also a value added Kofax distributor in Russia.
  • Logstream selected iTrend to design the new company's web site, develop its content, build and launch it.


iTrend in collaboration with Logstream itself developed web architecture, design, content of Logstream website. We also ensured that online content will be displayed as it should on desktop computers, mobile phones and tablets. In a precise, uncluttered, and user friendly way we showcased the Logstream’s expertise in the automated document processing. Check it out on logstream.ru.

Our services included:

  • Web design. We developed and launched company’s website and were responsible for creating and publishing the content.


  • Clean and uncluttered website was developed.
  • New website is highly appreciated by employees and clients.
  • Logstream reported an increase in the number of clients who were attracted through the website.

Check out Logstream website